As one of FX’s best shows wraps up its fourth season, the people over at Sons Of Anarchy have decided to make some easy cash offer their fans some exclusive, limited edition items. Clearly aimed at the man-cave loving individual, the SOA Poker Set & Playing Cards, Dartboard Cabinet & Dartboard, and Cigars & Accessories […]

The new trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, which might be the summer blockbuster we’re looking forward to most at LIAS. We have big hopes for the Spanish filmmaker’s latest, and each trailer seems to get better and better (check out the previously posted first trailer, CES extended trailer and Wondercon trailer). Pacific Rim hits theaters […]

There is not a movie in (post) production that we are more amped up for than Pacific Rim. We’ve already shown the first trailer, as well as the CES extended trailer, and now it’s time for Part III. In case you don’t know, Guillermo Del Toro’s sci-fi thriller revolves around an inter-dimensional breach that’s allowed […]

17 Apr
Everyone's favorite icon of anarchy... in Smorkin' Labbit form

You ever watch A Clockwork Orange and wish you had a tiny Alex you could put on your desktop? Maybe not so rapey and murderous but perhaps in, oh I don’t know, rabbit form? Who hasn’t. Frank Kozik has your back. The artist and toy maker teamed up BlackBook Toy to fashion this 11-inch Smorkin’ Labbit […]

28 Apr
Anarchy, Sex And The Queen

Love this tee from Japanese based Kring Design (K-id R-ough draw-ING is what inspired the name). Being a boutique brand from Japan with little to no distribution makes it rather difficult to slide into this. The only spot listed on their site says Shoe Gallery in Miami (244 NE 1st Ave, 305.371.2063)—the king retail spot […]

There’s something about an image of Ronald Reagan with an anarchy symbol scrawled across that brings back youthful memories. Ah the ‘80s. And I’m guessing, from the look of these limited edition figures cast from Nickel (run of /35 at $135 each) and Copper (run of 5 figures $235 each) that Kozik finds inspiration from […]