10 Dec
Striking a balance between the otherworldly and the familiar

When it comes to creating immersive environments for expressing the esoteric—Tim Saccenti does it with a modernist pop sensibility, tempered by an occasional ironic dose of humor. And he rocks it like no one else too. His visuals create tension by striking a balance between the otherworldly and the familiar, walking a tightrope between the […]

22 Oct
Esteemed lords of bassy goodness drop "Body Language Vol. 8", the latest Get Physical mix

Interview by Lance Uppercut Knowing what you’re going to get in advance isn’t always bad. If you asked Santa for a ColecoVision, and you woke up early one crisp December morn to find one under the tree, you’d be happy. Rolling into the club and knowing in advance exactly what tracks you’re gonna get from […]

15 Jun
Featuring Belle And Sebastian, Portishead, Sonic Youth, Animal Collective, Grinderman & More At The Los Angeles Film Festival

If you’ve been to any of All Tomorrow’s Parties you know it’s a top shelf event. If you haven’t had the pleasure, you’ve probably heard a good tale or two from friends. If you’re in town for the Los Angeles Film Festival there’s a screening of All Tomorrow’s Parties on June 24th at the Ford […]

d I woke up today bored and almost annoyed with my current electronic music library. That seems like so long ago now. After my coffee and shower, I went through the appropriate channels of information to acquire 3 new albums — one of which was Animal Collective’s newest LP. I’ll try not to be heavy […]