Sure it makes us twisted deviants, but we’re kind of fans of when children’s toys are put in very adult situations (such as when those pesky action figures attacked a very naked Annika Stenvall, or when Barbie committed all those bloody decapitations). So we were immediately intrigued by Mustard Pimp‘s latest video, “ZHM”, which combines […]

29 Mar
The hilariously horrific world of photographer Mariel Clayton

We’re not gonna lie to you: we love it when people mix children’s toys with evil, lascivious behavior. That Barbie Porn photo project was one of our favorites, and of course we couldn’t turn away when those action figures attacked a very naked Annika Stenvall in Playboy. Artist and photographer Mariel Clayton uses Barbie and […]

20 Aug
Because We Love You, vol 16: Annika Stenvall in Playboy France

We like to keep it classy here at Lost In a Supermarket, and what could be classier than action figures attacking a hot naked chick? For the latest in our beloved Because We Love You series, we bring you Annika Stenvall posing for Playboy France, whilst being invaded by action figures. Need we really say […]