Aged in the smaller casks that once held some of Spain’s finest sherries means whisky that is dark, brute, dark, bold, dark, dark and dark. Also, just to clarify, it’s very dark. The Darkness! is a series from Scotland’s finest, be it the 21-year-old Ardberg finished in the casks of Oloroso sherry or the Macallan […]

19 Jul
Heiko reviews one of his favorite Islay single malt scotches

Heiko is from Germany with a specialized field in Whisky. After finishing his apprenticeship as a fully trained hotel clerk he began work as a barkeeper in the 5-Star Hotel A-Rosa on the beautiful island of Sylt. He discovered the passion for whisky a few years ago and since then his life is full of […]

17 Sep
Ardberg, Macallan, Caperdonich & Port Ellen's collectible whisky

UK-based liquor retailer Masters of Malt recently launched a new range of single malt whiskies from single distilleries. Each is independently bottled and produced from hand-selected parcels of scotch, and is given no age statement as the age of the whiskey within each bottle will vary from batch to batch. Adhering to the standards of […]