27 Nov
Designer Harold Sangouard's never morbid armchair

French designer Harold Sangouard’s Harow firm has designed this not at all morbid chair shaped like a skull. Fans of Shakespeare, Norwegian Black Metal, Alexander McQueen and the Punisher can all rejoice, as they now have a place to rest their bizarre rear ends. The Skull Chair features a very geometric design of a human […]

7 Jul
Walt's favorite piece of modernism gets a revision

Walt Disney, known for his perennial thoughts of dreaming, innovation and enjoying life like a kid (as well as some alleged racism), was a fan of the original Airline Chair. So much so that he personally selected the Airline when he built his original Burbank animation studio in the late 1930s. Now Los Angeles designer […]

16 May
Dzmitry Samal’s swooping fender furniture

For anyone that wants to make a real impression in their humble abode, the Oxoye chair does the job aptly. Parisian-based Belarusian designer Dzmitry Samal lifted subtle cues from retro car lines — most notably their swooping fenders — when designing this armchair reminiscent of the streamlined automobiles from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Constructed […]

21 Apr
Pilot your own Starship in Joquer's new Oru lounger

If you wanna be the pilot of your own private Starship called Life, you should look into Joquer new lounger/armchair called Oru. Designed by Spanish architect Ramón Esteve, the Oru lounger also comes with matching ottoman — just like intergalactic alien polygamist Kirk would’ve kicked his feet up on. See the Oru lounger with matching […]

7 Dec
Cappellini designs some furniture for Disney

Remember how we talked about the unavoidable oncoming marketing onslaught of TRON-licensed products, and how most of them would probably be pretty stupid? Is that where this TRON armchair fits in? “Somewhere between imagination and reality” is what Cappellini designs strive for, and that’s what they’re aiming for with this latest addition to their family. […]

How to create the ultimate comfort? One part armchair and one part sleeping bag equals total Cocoon Armchair. Pretty self-explanatory, the Cocoon Armchair — designed by Luxembourg-based design company Superette — is truly the one thing missing from your apartment. With soft comfortable lining, you can lay down and zip up the duvet-like cocoon for […]