25 Aug
Jeff de Boer has decided cats and rats need armor, and we're not about to dissuade him

Canadians — what can you say that hasn’t been said? America’s Hat has spawned some great artists, world class musicians and genius comics, but has it ever birthed a man destined to build armor for cats and rats? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. Calgary born artist Jeff de Boer has created something which on paper sounds […]

If you ever owned a Hummer and thought to yourself, “Self, I like this truck — a lot — but I wonder, is there a more obnoxious truck I could drive? I mean, is there something even bigger than aUnimog I can shuttle around town whilst crushing puny Priusi underwheel?” If so, then Conquest Vehicles‘ […]

Sometimes you stumble across weirdness on the interwebs and it’s difficult to ascertain whether it’s a helluva well made joke, or if there is a whole world of shit going on that I’m utterly and completely oblivious to. To wit: the Two Handed Great Sword. I really wish I was making this up, but apparently […]

27 Apr
Japanese Imperial armor to go up for auction in May

There are a lot of stupid ways to spend money in this great Supermarket we live in, but I’d have to argue that the $2.5 million this Mogami Do Tosei Gusoku armor is expected to fetch under the auctioneer’s hammer at Bonhams is worth every damn penny. The Edo Period samurai armor is constructed of […]

19 Jan
Another Japanese tribute to European luxury houses

Speaking of luxury houses and the Japanese, here are some traditional samurai armor pieces embellished with Chanel branding by artist Tetsuya Noguchi. I’m not sure if this is a comment on consumerism, or the artist is simply enamored with all things Chanel, but I have to admit I love the execution.I have a soft spot […]