11 Feb
A virtual tour of the Aussie workshop in Canggu, Bali

Last summer we mentioned Deus ex Machina opening up a motorcycle and surf shop in Bali, and today they’ve release their first video taking you through a tour of the facility. And goddamn does it make me jealous. The extensive compound is a flaneur’s dream, a veritable workshop for ways to exercise all sorts  of […]

A young contemporary artist from Miami Florida, Jen Stark creates everything from drawings and short stop action films to animation, but her standout work comes in sculpture form. The vivid use of color is what Stark specializes in, as specifically found in her sculptures which are made entirely out of paper. Individually cut large pieces […]

8 Sep
Dana Park Weiser's "Throw ‘Em Up" sculpture series

This “Blood” handsign above is part of Dana Park Weiser‘s Throw ‘Em Up sculpture series, a collection of plaster, steel and paint hand signs that take some of Los Angeles’ most notorious gang signs and renders them in art-gallery, plaster format. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would be less than thrilled to […]

28 Apr
Titus Kaphar shows us the Old works in a New way

Titus Kaphar is breaking boundaries thought unsurpassable as he replicates art from the past and gives the wold his own spin on it…by ruining it. Old portraits have become dull to many who aren’t art connoisseurs, but the portraitures that Kaphar builds into sculptures using traditional materials are appealing to any viewer. Artists that destroy […]

1 Dec
An event bringing together one hundred artists… all selling works for under $100

The folks at the Catalyst Artist Collective have a great show / holiday shopping opportunity coming up on December 19. Just as the title suggests, their gallery / loft space is going to be rammed with the works of 100 artists all hocking their goods for under $100. How sweet is that. I’d so rather […]