11 Apr
Start blastin' up the dog park

Ok, so this is completely stupid. Which is why I must have it. It’s a retractable dog-leash with a gun-shaped handle, made by Art Lebedev Studio. The genius is that I can’t think of anything in the world more amazingly stupid, other than perhaps a Chihuahua. But this is way cheaper, and less annoying.

13 Apr
Tell time with 1 Laser + 60 rotating mirrors

Using sixty rotating mirrors to reflect a single laser beam, the ingenious Reflectius clock concept is a study in precision. Created by Moscow-based design house Art. Lebedev Studio, the clock is intelligent both in its display and casing design. If you’re at all confused, check out the design page to see exactly how the Reflectius’ mirror-driven timekeeping […]

I don’t own an umbrella, I don’t need one (I live in So Cal and it never rains), but damn I want this one from Moscow based Art. Lebedev Studio. It’s only $55. A helluva lot less than the $330 one I brought you a while back. A shot from the rain’s prespective