27 Jan
Mitra Khayyam's wearable design project

Blood Is the New Black is much more than your pedestrian t-shirt company that creates “ironic” shirts claiming to define a generation with lame jokes or polarized political views. Blood Is the New Black is a design project started by Mitra Khayyam — her goal was to create a forum for underground artists to showcase […]

26 Jan
French artist Bertrand Fevre creates the ultimate porcelain mug

Bertrand Fevre was the winner of the recent International Creation of Limoges Porcelain Award, a competition held this past summer inviting artists all over to create an original work of art using only Limoges Porcelain. The competition was hosted by the eponymous French city of Limoges, as the town has gained worldwide renown for their […]

9 Dec
One of the 20th Century's greatest Hollywood photographers' notes and photos collected

Word renowned Hollywood photographer Cecil Beaton has been praised for decades of fashion and portrait work with publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair — just a couple of the contributions he made for photography and golden era celebrity fame in general. One of the 20th century’s greatest lensmen, Beaton was famed for his ability […]

26 Oct
"Drainspotting" compiles the art of this unique Japanese tradition

The ability to legally add color and design to locations underfoot throughout their urban areas is just one of the ways the Japanese culture has outdone us (where are their graffiti police?). The book Drainspotting is a collection of photographs taken of custom painted manhole covers found throughout the country, a reflection of the fact […]

3 Sep
Includes two new short films, deleted scenes, artwork, stickers and 2D glasses

If you missed Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop documentary film while it was in the theater, you will be able to see it on DVD when it comes out next Monday, September 6th. Originally started as an unofficial documentary on Banksy by bumbling Parisian videographer Thierry Guetta, the famed street artist turned the camera […]

30 Jul
Skream, Benga and Artwork drop the dubstep bombs

Magnetic Man is the product of every dubstep fan’s wildest dream, a collaboration between two of the top minds in the genre – DJ Skream and Benga. Upcoming producer Artwork is also involved in the project, but with all due respect he’s not on his collaborator’s level…not yet, anyways. Live Magnetic Man performs using three […]