28 Jun
A blast from the past... for your DOS boner

I can’t say that I remember seeing ASCII Porn (aka “pr0n”) in its first stages of development and circulation; but I have come across it as a pivotal type of art/porn/computer-nerd phenomenon and landmark of sorts. ASCII pr0n is comprised of letters, numbers and symbols that, as a whole, make up a larger picture: ass n’ […]

26 Jan
Tell your imaginary girlfriend you love her and that you're a nerd in one single Valentine statement

Artist Betsy Stern created this just-for-nerds ASCII Heart Pendant — a 1.5″ tall Sterling silver pendant  handmade from 1mm thick sheet and tubing, depicting the internet-savvy sentiment <3 (aka the ascii heart). The < and 3 dangle freely, and it’s available with a 19 inch long 3mm leather cord or Sterling silver chain. Finished with […]