2 Feb
What happens when Australia gets ahold of a Yamaha 225

The latest option out of Australia’s Deus Ex Machina custom bike shop is the Mouse Trap, built from the heart and soul of a 2008 Yamaha Scorpio 225. Custom touches include bespoke front and rear fenders, alloy tank, modified Nitro Heads seat and laced 17″ rims. Finish it off with a black transmission and engine […]

17 Jan
One of Australia's top bike shops releases latest custom creation

While Sydney’s highly touted Deus Ex Machina motorcycle shop continues to expand — first in Bali, and soon opening up shop in Venice Beach, CA — they keep aficionados sated by releasing a steady stream of custom conversions. The  Bald Terrior 1200 is based on a Kawasaki W650, but is customized with 19″ and 18″ […]

11 Dec
Leave your girlfriend a note while reminding yourself of your inevitable mortality

This is a sticky pad block made by Pantogar — a medication for hair growth like Rogaine. How smart is that? Every time you use it the dude gets balder and balder, reminding you of your own creeping mortality…or at least of you losing your hair, which is almost the same thing. How superficially existential…