3 Jan
The iconic Wallabee made more casual

Clarks footwear, famous for their iconic Wallabee boots, is exploring new frontiers with their sportswear line. The Clark Sportswear Tawyer Mid uses the traditional Wallabee silhouette but adds a more casual contrast white sole and ballistic nylon and mesh upper for a more relaxed shoe. If you’re a fan of Clarks, the sportswear Tawyer adds […]

8 Dec
Classic 1973 basketball high-tops re-issued

Nike Vintage Nylon Blazer Hi is a blast from the past. The Nike reissue of the classic 1973 basketball sneakers is now made with ballistic nylon, and comes in bright red and blue colors. The ultra clean, minimal design recalls the early days of the high-top, and is now available for pre-order at END for […]

29 Jul
The prototypical American streetwear brand celebrates their 30th

The latest addition to Stussy’s 30th Anniversary collection, titled XXX, is a collaboration with the classic Clarks Wallabee. To celebrate the occasion the prototypical American streetwear brand aligned with the iconic British boot to create a headturning Wallabee, one which fuses black leather with a ballistic nylon on the upper, combined with Clark’s distinctive crepe […]