28 Sep
One of Speyside's best single malt whiskies for $3,800 bottle

Speyside distillery Balvenie makes one of the best affordable single malt scotches with their 12-Year expression, so you can bet their latest and most expensive expression will be noteworthy. This Forty 40 Years Old scotch is aged in bourbon and sherry casks, and only 150 bottles will be produced and released early next year. Besides […]

3 Feb
When all you've ever wanted fits in one fine leather briefcase

Without question, our favorite “affordable” single malt Scotch at LIAS is Balvenie 15-year, absolute gold at Costco for about $40 a bottle. We would’ve loved to try that Balvenie Madeira, of course, but haven’t had the opportunity (Balvenie, if you’re out there sweet Lord of Scotch, feel free to send us a sample!). To give […]