18 Jun
Klaborative and Darroch Putnam team up for an LIAS original fashion shoot

Only a remainder of June gloom is left before the summer’s official barbeque-festivities set in. This transition from spring to summer calls for the clean, crisp nature of 50’s-inspired Prep in exchange for the grunge we should all be ready to leave behind…yet again. The simplicity of basics, such as ribbed tanks and collared button-ups, […]

20 Oct
Now all you need to do is bang your kid's school teacher

In the Could’ve Seen This Coming From a Mile Away category, Brooks Brothers got the nod to release the official Mad Men suit, and it’s about time. Everyone from Banana Republic to Lids to Hot Dog On a Stick has been dressing their window displays with Mad Men-like suits, so it’s about time someone did […]