21 Oct
Bavaria's new highly modifiable flat twin cafe racer

BMW’s new Motorrad R nineT motorcycle is essentially to Bavaria what the Speedster is to Harley-Davidson: a highly modifiable entry level bike aimed to open up the company to a new strata of buyer. As they describe, the R nineT personifies BMW’s “pure riding” philosophy down to the last detail, with state-of-the-art BMW motorcycle technology […]

We jump into BMW’s renewed third generation M6 Coupe supercar, just to see if Bavaria’s regained its mojo. With menacing authority — and 580 horses + 500 lb-ft of torque — the carbon fiber crowned sled definitively says yes. The high performance GT is about all you can handle. All images by James Bailey. I’m […]

22 May
Next gen M3 leaks months ahead of official debut

After years of lost market share to the seemingly unstoppable Audi, and what many perceived as a lost direction as far as design was concerned, BMW has re-focused on its performance history in its latest designs. Here we see the next generation M3, one of the most pivotal cars in the Bavarian automaker’s line-up, getting […]

29 Mar
The natural evolution of Wasted German Youth

I suppose it was only a matter of time before WASTED GERMAN YOUTH took his craft-work and applied to Germany’s oldest and most valued profession: brewing. WASTED GERMAN BEER for now is not currently available in the US, but if you know a good beer store you may want to inquire about getting them to […]

The Yuri sunglasses collection, designed by the Berlin-based Mykita for Romain Kremer, is an exercise in the eccentric. There isn’t much information out about this batch of German ingenuity, but I could wager a guess that this piece of head gear will be all the rage in the competitive sports arena. That’s right, the Yuri […]

27 Nov
Following one waterdrop's valiant LifeQuest

Dutch brewers Bavaria decided to tell the epic adventure of a drop of water following its LifeQuest to achieve its dharma — becoming a drop of Bavaria Beer. Fortunately for Droppy, he achieves his goal. Unfortunately for Droppy, he is never drunk. Well, at least not by a human. But really, who cares? That dog […]