20 Nov
A Penthouse disco homage to late night chat lines

Para One pays a sort of NSFW homage to those old late night chat line commercials with his latest video, “When the Night”. Directed by Ill Studio, the clip assembles edits from many a former Penthouse playmate to create a cheeky — if not downright steamy — video accompaniment that reminds us a bit of that […]

28 Jun
Debra Baxter is making art/weaponry for women everywhere

Debra Baxter seems to be the ultimate woman’s right’s advocate. She has created a pair of crystal brass knuckles (humorously titled “Crystal Brass Knuckles (I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****)”) for all of you ladies who need a weapon, for one reason or another. Maybe you need to go teach Chad he should […]

2 Mar
Add class and sophistication to your shaving kit

Scrape that apish stubble from your face like a proper gentleman with a safety razor from Baxter of California. Like the one your grandfather used, this retro razor kit comes with a stylish gift box and extra blades. At $60, this bathroom accoutrement will add class and sophistication to your otherwise manly bathroom.