24 Jun
Fit a 60 mph+ electric racing kart in the trunk of your Prius

Superheroes of today having nothing on the heroes of yesteryear, but that hasn’t stopped designer Beau Reid from creating the only means of transportation that would make any clockwatching cubicle monkey feel like Ghost Rider whipping around corners at 60mph. Reid, of Beau Designs, has created the GK2G: an F1-inspired go-kart concept with true mobility […]

23 Feb
Dynamic Innovations' carbon fiber briefcases

Have $15,000 to spare? Then you too can have a briefcase custom made to match your stock 1997 Nissan 200SX. Industrial designer Beau Reid has a great concept for the everyman, customizing carbon fiber briefcases with fine leather and paints to match one’s supercar. Do you love your 1976 Volkswagen Beetle? Can’t live without your […]