As the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death approaches in 2012, Taschen has created a unique biography by pairing Norman Mailer’s 1973 bio Marilyn with Bert Stein’s intimate portraits of the actress from a Vogue photo shoot just six weeks before her death. The homage — simply titled Norman Mailer, Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe — […]

6 Jan
A hip hop star's raging id interpreted in Muppet format

Sure this may not be as well done as Bert & Ernie’s “Ante-Up”,  but it still makes for a clever re-visioning of Kanye’s id-fueled poetic catharsis. Muppets covering rappers…will it ever get old? Not when it’s done well… Thanks Lawless!

Ok, fine — I’m a sucker for rapping Muppets. You caught me. I can’t quite explain it, but the shit just kills me. I mean, first off you got the killer DJ Premier beat as the jump off, but could the animators choose a more paradoxical group than M.O.P. to cast Bert and Ernie rapping […]