16 Feb
Why sometimes getting a cease & desist from Biggie Smalls can be a good thing

UPDATE: Dan Black’s album ((un)) drops today, available from iTunes or Amazon for $8. Moreover, today he also released his video for “Symphonies” with Kid Cudi, so we’re re-posting his Q&A from a couple weeks back along with the new video… After years of languishing around in London cover bands, Dan Black dumped the slackers […]

So we’ve been receiving a bunch of free music lately and a lot of it is just too good to keep to ourselves. Besides, it’s Monday so we all need a couple good reasons to get our weeks rolling. Yes, this list is hip-hop heavy, but ever since watching The Wackness I’ve been hitting my […]

Biggie Smalls’ biopic, Notorious, has just released the trailer — not sure what to make of it. Kinda reminds me of a bad VH1 movie. Seeing as the studio is releasing it in January (where they normally dump all their failed projects) I’m not holding my breath. Still, soundtrack alone is prolly worth my $9…