I’m thinking a lot of LIAS readers watch Bill Maher — if so then you’ve probly already seen Sarah Silverman’s solution to world hunger. Pretty simple really, wonder why no one’s ever thought of it before. I mean, the place is pretty decadent for a religion based on humility and modesty…

10 Sep
I concur with Bill Maher—Americans are idiots

Apparently there’s an old rumor stating that Super Mario Brothers was ripe with subliminal communist propaganda. That Mario was actually a cartoon representation of Joseph Stalin. Seriously…given the fact that Nintendo is actually a Japanese company and all the moronic points that people bring up to support such a silly rumor can be countered with […]

20 Jul
Fragile? Check. Over Indulgent? Check. Childish? Check. In Debt? Check. On Drugs? Check.

Sometimes Bill Maher (his writers?) slays it—like this past weekend when he compared America to Michael Jackson and how he reflects everything that’s going on in our nation perfectly. I couldn’t agree more. Fragile? Check. Over indulgent? Check. Childish? Check. In debt? Check. On drugs? Check. And over-the-hill? Well, you’ll just have to see how […]