For anyone who enjoys both the sight of a well-designed building and the written word as much as I do, pay close attention. Moleskine, the Italian brand best known for their notebooks, planners, and journals, is launching a series of cloth-bound monographs, entitled Inspiration and Process in Architecture. The collection looks into the design process […]

28 Jul
Alien abductions, sex tents & getting out-partied by Steven Stills

Anthrax acolyte, resident New York hooligan and Official Editor of All Things Metal, the nefarious Matt Hanrahan gives us the low down on Van Halen’s other exiled singer’s bio… As anyone who knows me knows, I am a die-hard fan of the Mighty Van Halen. I have seen the band live with Roth and Hagar […]

15 Jan
An explicit message in sustainability

Reminiscent of the Serif Tote Bag we covered by Little Factory , this Bio Bag from Danish designer Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne aims to remind the consumer of his actions as explicitly as possible. In bold graphics it reads: “6 billion plactic bags are being used every year in the UK. The envirionment suffers enormously from it, […]