22 Apr
Prepare yourself for a Fall/Winter of leather proportions

Giuliano Fujiwara has released some of their Fall/Winter 2010 accessories. The bags, the shoes, and the gloves may be leather intensive, but it’s the leather that keeps Giuliano Fujiwara’s somewhat androgynous designs in check, tipping them over to the masculine side of the scale (although I could completely see these being embraced by a women […]

30 Mar
2 sneakers for the price of 1

I’ve heard of the reversible jacket, and even those pants that convert to shorts with a little zip, but changeable sneakers is a rare thing to find. The Transform Pack from Adidas by Stan Smith is a 2-in-1 sneaker, beginning as a high-top and “transforming” into a a low-top Stan Smith 80s. The black leather […]

23 Mar
Hussein Chalayan's Urban Mobility Flyer Fold sneakers

You know those days when you’re too lazy to even bend down and tie your shoelaces? People warn of the danger in wearing your sneakers so lackadaisically, barely on your feet, slipping further and further away from you with every step. Well, Hussein Chalayan is capitalizing on the half-assed nature of today’s youth with his […]