15 Sep
Half leather jacket, half wool blazer

Looks like it’s a week for hybrid sartorial chimeras. First there was Lanvin’s half-boot half-shoe, and now Neil Barret drops this Blazer style jacket. It’s essentially a black leather jacket with a black wool blazer front — sort of like the mullet of jackets: party in the back, business up front. The back panel features […]

13 May
For those who can never decide what to wear

You may be scratching your head as you look at this jacket. Is it a hoodie? Is it a vest? Is it a blazer? What kind of God would allow such a hybrid sartorial abomination to be created?! Well, don’t be alarmed, it’s all of those things, but the design house who unearthed it — […]

4 Mar
The epitome of business casual

The Hooded Blazer is just one of the pieces among Nom de Guerre’s Spring/Summer 2010 line, which is beginning to make itself known. The blazer includes a detachable hood that breaks away at the collar and is made from very lightweight treated cotton. It’s half lined and claims to be fit with shoulder epaulettes, although […]