23 Dec
Download Roth's latest volley of articulate warfare

Asher Roth returns with his latest mixtape, Pabst & Jazz Sessions, before his Def Jam debut slated for March release. Roth enlisted A$AP Twelvy, Action Bronson, Casey Veggies, The Cool Kids’ Chuck English, producers Blended Babies and more for his latest volley of articulate warfare. Download the whole thing for free below. Download Asher Roth’s […]

15 Jul
Get drunk while staying sharp on your toes... kinda...

Coffee and liquor are both necessities for most people, at least here at the LIAS secret compound, but together? Not so much. That may change with the XO Café by Patron. The tequila allows one to drink it straight up, on the rocks or blended in a cocktail, but that’s not all. Desserts and a […]

17 Jun
Drop the tie, get him something he'll actually enjoy

If I were a dad, I’d give my kid a 20 minute Time Out if he had the audacity to get me some shitty tie for Father’s Day. I mean, a tie? Kid, get an imagination. If you’re gonna get something cliched for your old man, make it something he’ll actually enjoy. Case in point: […]

30 Jul
Three G's for a blended scotch? Methinks not!

Johnnie Walker, owned by liquor mega-conglomerate Diageo, announced in Singapore last Friday a new halo version of their marque called The John Walker, and presented the first bottle shown here. Their new whisky blend will sell for $3,000 duty free, making it the most expensive liquor in Diageo’s entire beverage catalog. Now I’m no whisky […]