15 May
A limited edition run of 50 individually numbered craniums

K. Olin Tribu, a French art house with roots in toy design, has kind of given new meaning to any of our former ideas about “praying to a porcelain god”. For while their use of the material in numerous artist collaborations is indeed pretty damned sick, there is faith renewed in the creative potential of porcelain. […]

13 Aug
Solid 100% organic leather, overlap stitching & removable handles

This Satchel bag from environmentally sustainable french label Bleu de Chauffe is designed with influences from authentic plumber tool bags. The Jules bag is a reinvention of the traditional workwear spirit catered to the urban lifestyle, so it can carry modern day tools like tablets and laptops. In authentication of its durability, the inside cotton […]

23 May
Industrial work gear for the modern urbanite

Named after the blue jacket worn by French train engineers working on steam engines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, French brand Bleu de Chauffe’s latest product is the Plombier Jules Work Bag. Taking their own spin on the modern industrial world, the company’s signature plumber’s bag is re-invented with trends set by the contemporary urban […]