27 Jan
Mitra Khayyam's wearable design project

Blood Is the New Black is much more than your pedestrian t-shirt company that creates “ironic” shirts claiming to define a generation with lame jokes or polarized political views. Blood Is the New Black is a design project started by Mitra Khayyam — her goal was to create a forum for underground artists to showcase […]

9 Dec
Contrasting love, lust, and gore-decadence, wrath and fate

LA-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer is one of our favorites and we’re supper happy to have her as one of the featured artists at our “End Days” event this weekend. If you like icons and images that reflect and categorize historical eras, genres, and subcultures, no doubt you’ll find Hannah’s work opulent, elegant, and a beautifully […]

There’s really nothing bad about Blood Is The New Black. Just about every shirt these guys put out is something worth wearing. We’re picky bastards too. The idea is simple, showcase up and coming talent and push their career forward. Here’s one from artist Patrick Jilbert. Blood Is The New Black