23 Nov
The Steve Jobs action figure, for the nerd who has it all

For the Mac and Apple fiend who has it all, but needs more junk in their life, may we present you with the Steve Jobs Action Figure. While “action figure” may be a bit of a stretch (does he have 58 points of articulation? exaggerated muscle tone or breasts? any blasters or missile projectors?), this […]

You know how Ken from Sales has that Kobe bobblehead on his desk that he’s so proud of? And then there’s Judy over in Accounts Receivables with her Dwight from The Office bobblehead, who’s totally considers herself way outside the box? Well now you can show up both those chumps with your super clever Che […]

26 May
Just what Grandma always wanted

Is your mom a scatologist? Do you have a co-worker who likes smashing his head with a mic stand? Does your cousin Gary pay girls to poop on him? Then these are all perfect candidates for the GG Allin bobblehead. Or tshirt, LP or DVD for that matter. All available at ROIR. Pay due homage […]