21 Sep
The unsubstantiated AVX Aircraft Company's new airborne SUV

In these worldwide interwebs there are a lot of vehicles “unveiled” and “released” that have absolutely no chance in hell of ever actually existing in the meat world. Such is probably the case with Texas-based AVX Aircraft Company’s new airborne SUV. While other prototype flying cars are getting closer to reality (such as the Terrafugia […]

In the past 50 years very little has changed in basic airplane design, and due to the growth in air travel the present system we have will not be able to absorb the growth. So NASA granted MIT a $2.1 million research contract to develop environmental and performance concepts that lead aviation into the next […]

The 727 Suite at the Hotel Costa Verde is based around the fuselage of a vintage Boeing 727, lending it a singular design aspect right at the edge of one of Costa Rica’s more beautiful parks — the Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast. “We have refurbished a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, […]

Wow – this is dope! I wonder why no one’s thought of this before? Or maybe its just cos the price of a Jumbo jet is probably more than a building in downtown New York. Anyway, Dezeen posted this story about the Jumbo Hostel opening in Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport this past January 15th. Built on […]