UPDATE: Seeing as Asher Roth’s brand new video for “Last Man Standing” — the first video from his upcoming album — dropped today as well, and it totally fits the theme, we’re gonna add it on to our Wednesday video 4-Pack. Today’s music video 3-pack 4-pack throws together 3 indie hip-hop acts all in different […]

1 Aug
Everything is Boring & Everyone is a Fucking Liar

The first video from Spank Rock’s upcoming awesomely-titled album, Everything is Boring & Everyone is a Fucking Liar dropped today. The album comes out September 27 on Bad Blood Records, and this is the first single — “DTF DADT” which has a very bizarre storyline involving charades, 3D objects and bloody wine bashing. Twisted…

Boingboing opened up a contest to its readers to design the cover of the most supremely boring periodical their giant nerd brains could conjure up. And the above TIRED cover, the “mirror-world version of WIRED where hold music, baby photos and warm salads dominate the headlines,” was the winner. Congrats to designer Jack Daniel. See […]