2 Mar
Los Angeles' PRISM Gallery is transformed by the Brazilian Twins

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Os Gemeos (literally ‘the twins’ in Portuguese) and known to their mother as; Gustavo and Otavio, bring their amazing, surreal and humorous vision to a dynamic solo exhibition at Los Angeles’ PRISM Gallery which opened this past Saturday night. Miss You runs through March 24th and features Os Gemeos’ saturated colors and signature […]

14 Jan
Japan + Robots + Breakdancing = Shoulda seen it coming

In our brave quest to cover all things robot and Japanese, may I present you with Japanese Breakdancing Robot. How can we be shocked? Let’s see, we’ve seen the Japanese invent robot bears to carry the incontinently wasted, they erect giant robots to defend themselves from really slow aliens, and then they enslave the clumsy […]

5 Jun
Get your cipherski on

Happy Friday people. When I see stuff like this, it reminds me of how similar human beings are across this crazy world. I see no difference between these Russians and a breakdancing cipher, except maybe the Russian’s are probly listening to something with a fiddle solo…and downing copious vodka beverages. These forms of hyper-athletic dancing […]