27 Nov
Small displacement odes to two-wheelers of the early 1900s

In the halcyon years of the fin de sicle, motorcycles were evolving from rough hewn bicycles with ad hoc clip-on engines attached to full on finished vehicles with a completed concept and big picture aesthetic. By the 1920s, bikes like Matchless, Motosacoche, Brough Superior, Clement, Royal, Monarch, Pope, Minerva, Reading-Standard, Thor etc had launched and […]

8 Nov
Bentley of Motorcycles bespoke creation takes 6 months to build

Very few motorcycles from the halcyon years of British motoring rival that of Brough Superior, with the exception of perhaps your Vincents. And now the legendary marque has been resurrected, selling their vintage inspired bespoke motorcycles in extremely limited numbers with updated technology — developed in partnership with tuners from the world of Formula 1. Just […]

5 May
The follow-up to Jason Lee's watershed Bullet to be unveiled this weekend at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, CA

Above image by Peter Bohler for LIAS There’s something to seeing a Falcon motorcycle in person. While photos aplenty exist, many shot beautifully by a virtual battalion of photographers these past couple years, none can compare to actually seeing one of their bikes before you. They are a thing of striking beauty, of impeccable detail, […]