11 Nov
Security Wizard's Nylon Cord Wrapped Brass Knuckle Buckle

Imagine yourself walking down a dark alley, late at night. Suddenly, some menacing hoodied figure approaches asking you for some nylon cording cause his shoelace broke. You’d be helpless — no nylon cord to offer him ad hoc shoelaces, and no weapon to defend yourself if he was up to any funny business. Security Wizard […]

26 Oct
World's Most Expensive Belt...hooray.

Talk about opulence to the point of insanity, French jewelry designer Caroline Gaspard has recently released an accessory that is said to be currently the Most Expensive Belt in the World. Hurray for you, Gaspard. Marked at £40,000, which is equivalent to about $63,500 USD, Gaspard’s inspiration came from classic gangster films and spy movies, […]