20 Feb
Easily the all time coolest interpretation of Kidrobot's figure

We caught wind of Buff Monster and Lamour Supreme’s collaborative work on their customized Dunny a couple months back, but good images of the unique figure weren’t available. Now, they are. Featuring two of our favorite artists laying their trade on Kidrobot’s overused ubiquitous blank vinyl figure, the Buff Monster x Lamour Supreme Dunny is truly something to […]

23 Sep
A dangerous Multi-Clops edition limited to only 200 pieces

The Loyal Subjects continue their reign of top notch vinyl figures with their latest collaboration with LA artist/ubiquitous wheatpaste poster/boob aficionado Buff Monster. Today they’re releasing their Destroyer, Eyes Edition vinyl figure — an exclusive Multi-Clops limited to only 200 pieces. “A tantalizing and titillating monstrosity. A monster released from the depths of the dark […]

19 Oct
Giant inflatables to perk up your day

Two respected forces in the Angeleno art world are getting together for another collaboration, this time to create these Ice Cream Inflatables. Esteemed toy manufacturer The Loyal Subjects have taken one of Buff Monster‘s ubiquitous ice cream designs and made it into a fun, large-scale installation perfect to jazz up your apartment, house or office. […]