13 Dec
Bidding farewell to a pair of culture shifting vehicles

This past month two automotive legends ceased production, their spirits rising into the Great Pantheon of Iconic Cars in the sky. Two vehicles that defined terminally opposite points of the spectrum, different in pricepoint, performance, utility, powertrain, spirit… well, just about everything. Even the reasons for ending their lifecycle could not be more different, but […]

2 Jan
Australian street artist subverts bus shelters across the globe

Using highly detailed aerosol painting techniques, Australian street artist Ian Strange (aka Kid Zoom) has manipulated advertisements in bus shelters in Madrid, New York and Melbourne. The now Brooklyn-based artist’s highly realistic works are part of an ongoing collection entitled “Shelters,” a self-initiated project he began in 2007. To see the process of Kid Zoom’s McDonald’s ad […]

4 Nov
Hazy aural melancholia to take the late ride home with

Hailing New Genre Alert: for those unfamiliar with the term “Night Bus”, in regards to music, it is meant to qualify that which would make the perfect soundtrack to watch the world flash by your eyes whilst taking the Night Bus. Hazy moog synths, vocals washed out heavily in reverb, general dope melancholia. Montreal producer […]