18 Oct
The latest entry into the suddenly crowding luxury EV segment

Cadillac  has decided to take its quite stunning Converj concept from 2009 (which we covered way back when) and move it into production, a very big announcement from GM’s luxury division. Another smart power play from Caddy, who really seem to be hitting on all cylinders at the moment — from the knockout punch of […]

9 Aug
Only 12 examples of Caddy's headturning monster to be produced

Last year we covered Hennessey’s V700 Cadillac CTS-V, and now the Texan modifier is adding its anabolic steroids to Cadillac’s headturning Coupe version of the CTS-V. And to keep things super special, Hennessey Performance is promising to produce only 12 examples of their v1000 for the market. Hennessey’s engineers have surgically fitted the CTS-V’s already […]

10 Feb
Giving the world's most powerful V8 sedan even more power

Hennessey Performance has decided to improve upon the already magical Cadillac CTS-V with their new V700 upgrade package. If you recall, we drove the regular Cadillac CTS-V at the Gumball Rally last spring and it was worldwide bonkers, so adding more juice can only be a good thing. Adding a cold air induction system, new […]