Bell Helmets have created a new line of head protection that offers the look of a half helmet but boasts the safety — and comfort — of the 3/4 variety. Aping the vintage military aesthetic that has risen with the popularity of cafe racers, the Rogue Collection comes in a variety of matte military colors […]

6 Feb
Italian dirt bike now in road-legal scrambler & café racer form

The  limited production Zaeta 530 DT may be currently confined to the dirt track, but the Italian company revealed plans to soon make the 530 DT available in road-legal scrambler and café racer variations. The latest design features an aluminum frame (close to seven pounds lighter than the previous tube design), an improved rear suspension […]

24 Aug
Stripping a 1978 Yamaha SR500 to its cleanest form

The brain child of designer Jay LaRossa, the Solus cafe racer is based on a 1978 Yamaha SR500 stripped to its cleanest essence. The Long Beach, CA-based Lossa Engineering specializes in cafe racers based on Italian, Japanese and British bikes from the ’60s and ’70s. Following old school tradition, LaRossa strips the junk and makes […]

7 Jul
Throwback motorcycle helmets at real world prices

It was about time that Bell got in on the vintage motorcycle trend — really no reason to let the Frenchies over at Les Ateliers Ruby mint all the money themselves. Sure Bell dropped that Steve McQueen replica last year, but this is their first widespread reissue. Based on their original 1954 “500” helmet, this […]

I worked with Scott Pommier this past summer on a magazine photoshoot and I was immediately struck with his creative eye, not to mention a precise professionalism usually reserved for accountants and mob hitmen. Later he sent me some photos of a row of bobber motorcycles he shot at a bike show and I realized […]

I’ll admit I have my fair share of bias against Harley, just cos to me they signify 50-year-old dentists desperately trying to reclaim some of the youth they squandered playing golf and anguishing over 401K options while they guys they’re emulating spent those decades living life. Oh, and reclaiming that youth with annoyingly loud tailpipes […]

13 Nov
Moto Guzzi steals the show with 70's-inspired café racer

At this week’s annual EICMA show in Milano Moto Guzzi made the biggest splash unveiling its Moto Guzzi V7 Clubman Racer. Usually the Italian motorcycle show is dominated by the 3 Kings — Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta, but this year the triumverate’s biggest release was Ducati’s technologically innovative but aesthetically questionable Multistrada 1200. So […]