16 Jul
Rare footage behind the magic of Joe Strummer & Mick Jones

How much do we love The Clash? Enough to name our entire project after them, duh. Having taken in many of the best documentaries on the legendary British band, we’re always stoked when a new doc, book, comic, biopic, cartoon, porn, fanzine, Tweet, pamphlet or whatever is released. Such is the case with The Rise […]

23 Aug
Space Invader's Rubikcubism collection

In a world overpopulated with unimaginative “street” art, Space Invader always stays ahead of the curve. Aside from his mosaic tile work, he’s been doing art with Rubik’s Cubes which he has humorously coined “Rubikcubism”, and below is a video of the French artist at work. Although I find it very clever, is it too […]

24 May
When The Clash and anime collide

What do you get when you mix one of the greatest albums of all time (and Rolling Stone‘s #1 album of the 80’s) with one of the best anime series of all time? Why, Gundam Calling of course. Sure this mobile suit may not be able to hold the bottom end down like Simonon, but […]