11 Mar
Like a New England cable-knit sweater for your feet

Today we had an adidas tracksuit that doubled as a laptop case, so why not throw in a sweater that doubles as a sneaker? This time it’s Cambridge boutique Concepts who teams up with Converse to create a very unique interpretation of their Pro Leather Hi silhouette. Using what they call an “Aran Sweater” treatment, Concepts […]

25 Jun
Beantown's house maestros Soul Clap take us through their hood

If you’ve been to any house club in the past couple years worth a damn then chances are you’ve boogied down to Soul Clap. Elyte (Eli Goldstein) and Cnyce (Charles Levine) first came together under the tutelage of seminal Boston Jedi DJ Caril Mitro of the late Vinyl Connection records (RIP), who taught his young […]

11 Jun
Now, what exactly is a Batchel?

Well the concept of a batchel is actually quite simple: a satchel with a handle. Yes, it’s quite anticlimactic, but they are beautiful bags nonetheless. The Cambridge Satchel Company have released a series of multi-colored batchels — a large batch of batchels, if you will. The satchels are 15″ long, 4″ deep and made from […]