14 Sep
Canon's G line finally gets HD video

The Canon PowerShot G10 was the first point-and-shoot that captured images comparable to digital SLR cameras, and changed the life of many a photographer. Its G11 successor caused less buzz, mostly because it came with fewer megapixels (although with a better processor) and inexplicably no HD video. Considering many lower Canons (like the SX200 IS) […]

8 Feb
Behind the veil of the most famous ranch in film history

Have you ever wondered what George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch looks like? Have you heard stories about its fabled lands, and rumors that he owned a plot the size of Rhode Island just north of San Franciciso? Well play Phillip Bloom‘s visual still life of the property and see for yourself. Director of Photography/Cinematographer Bloom was […]

3 Jul
More dope ads to make you spend your $$$

You know how I just got done ranting yesterday about the insidiousness of advertising, and how it’s a black festering sore on the soul of humanity? Well, here comes Nike with a well-timed rebuttal emphasizing the potential that advertising, and commercials, can reach. This Exploit Yourself ad is pretty rad, even if it does just […]