Awhile back we featured an artist named Cheeming Boey, who specializes in illustrations done on Styrofoam cups. His art is ridiculous, and we fell for his stuff instantly. Well apparently Boey was tapped by Sharpie for an ad (seemingly a no brainer), and that ad ended up winning the prestigious 2012 TED Award for “Ads […]

When we went to the launch of the 2012 Scion iQ last month, during part of the presentation they took us into a small room and showed us a 3D film — fully  immersive, complete with bubbles that came out when the iQ goes to the car wash and high powered wind. During the ride […]

While it’s not necessarily capitalism per se when you’re promoting an animation film festival, this still belongs in our odes to well executed commercials. Ogilvy puts together this really clever live action piece to promote the Anim’est International Animation Film Festival in Romania, which goes down the 7th-16th of October in Bucharest…

The World of Sex animation was put together as part of a campaign commissioned by, the largest non-profit working on HIV-related issues in France. They way they say, “The safer you play, the longer you stay,” and considering some of the “rides” it seems like a fun place to hang around for awhile. For […]

Another in our series of great commercials that elevate the artform. Created by French director Edouard Salier, he of the latest and much-blogged-about Massive Attack video “Splitting the Atom”, this Argentinian commercial Coke Quest tells a story in the framework of a football-obsessed South American lad fighting robots. Coke Quest directed by Edouard Salier from […]

27 Nov
Following one waterdrop's valiant LifeQuest

Dutch brewers Bavaria decided to tell the epic adventure of a drop of water following its LifeQuest to achieve its dharma — becoming a drop of Bavaria Beer. Fortunately for Droppy, he achieves his goal. Unfortunately for Droppy, he is never drunk. Well, at least not by a human. But really, who cares? That dog […]

7 Oct
Giving my Tivo some well-needed rest

I bless the cosmos for Tivo every day. With a quick blip of the remote it allows me to circumvent the endless synapse-deadening waves of network commercials, allowing me to actually enjoy watching TV. How did I survive without it? Except every once in awhile a commercial comes out that actually deserves to be seen […]