Artist Mike Mitchell, known for the portrait-like quality he gives to the subjects of his work, has applied this dignified aesthetic to 60 heroes and villains of Marvel Comics. The result is to have transformed the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas into something more along the lines of a Marvel Universe Pantheon — representing everyone from icons like the […]

Looks like the summer of 2014 — much like every summer in the 21st century — is going to belong to Marvel. The first Avenger, Captain America, gets a new trailer this weekend for his sophomore film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We were positively surprised at how good the first movie was, so suffice to […]

19 Jul
David Robert Mitchell’s tender ode to high school summer ennui

A group of suburban Michigan teens spend the last night of summer wandering around town, hitting parties, looking for love — or at least a kiss — and doing what most of us did on those epic high school nights: meandering the humid streets bored, looking for something, anything, to break open the steady monotony […]

4 May
Photograph your favorite Marvel ephemera, win a poster

There’s been a lot of bustle lately about Stussy’s collaboration with Marvel, and considering the onslaught of Marvel comic book movies coming out this summer the Cali boys at Stussy couldn’t have a better brand to get in bed with. To promote the collab, they’re doing a GIVEAWAY as well (altho clearly not as cool […]

24 Mar
America's original hero out July 22, 2011

The first full trailer of this summer’s upcoming Captain America film, The First Avenger, was released today. In case you weren’t prepared (which I’m thinking most of you are), there’s a windfall of Marvel superhero movies all coming out to set up the inevitable Avengers mega-blockbuster, and along with Thor this summer will belong to […]

17 Nov
Underoos for grownups—like me

This is the epitome of nerdy awesomeness right here. At least it is in my world. Oh the childhood memories. I was a heroic fool at six years old. I WAS the hero after slipping on my Batman or Aquaman or Captain America uniform. Mark Newport brings it all back with his life size, hand […]

God, I hate Hollywood Boulevard. Gone are the days where swarms of street urchins, teen prostitutes and junkies were its general populace. In their stead have come the Abercrombie & Fitch-clothed, Applebees-fed, camera-toting mouthbreathers of the Red States. And they call that urban improvement? Whatever, guy. As far as I can see, the only truly […]