10 May
The German street artist's latest hyper-real disposable medium

If you’re going to Occupy Wall Street I suggest you use an Evol Cardboard Architecture panel as your makeshift shanty. The Berlin based and Eurocentric street artist uses intricate stencils to transform electrical boxes, planters, cardboard, and other pieces of worn urbanity into detailed cityscapes. Evol is so skilled with cadences of light and shadow that it’s […]

20 Apr
Functional cardboard speakers for your iPod

Sure paper airplanes don’t really fly, but check out what a paper boombox can do. Yes it’s only made of folding cardboard, but it features workable amplified speakers that function on 4 AA batteries. Designed by the always brilliant SUCK UK, the iPod Paper Boombox can be yours for about $40 (£25). Jams not included.

Something so simple can bring so much pleasure to an artist…or in this case, even an Accounts Receivables cubicle monkey with odd packaging needs. The Or-Ita is a new tool created by Makoto Orisaki ,a Japanese “inter design artist”. But what does this Or-Ita tool do? Well it simply perforates cardboard. And what’s the point? Because […]

22 Oct
The compact Cardboard Oddments Cabinet

Made of cardboard and studded on the outside to add some style, this Oddments Cabinet is loaded with drawers to hide away all the stupid small items scattered around your bedroom. Compact in a small sleek box you can fold up and hide away, it’s the perfect locker to store the things you just never […]

9 Jul
The Boxsal 100% compostable cardboard picnic box

You know how sometimes your girl’s all mad at you cos you never come up with any interesting girly stuff to do with her? Take this to the bank: girls love picnics. Sure, you could eat at home in the comfort of your own table and/or couch, or around the bar of your favorite sushi […]

Looking for a briefcase that will be as light on your wallet as it will be to carry? Check out this $35 cardboard attaché case. It’s bolstered by metal bolts and polished wood strips. If you’re like me, you like to bring your morning cup of coffee with you to work. Apparently cardboard is less […]