12 Jun
A carry-on sturdy enough to tackle the World Cup

Perhaps in honor of Brazil hosting the World Cup and coinciding with the Brazilian backdrop of its recent advertising, luxury luggage designer Rimowa has released its Bossa Nova collection. Jet green polycarbonate shells with cowhide trimming in either same-tone green or natural, with a padded inner lining comprise the notable attributes of this luggage series. Starting […]

28 Nov
Brass, twill and 100% genuine bridle leather

C.C. Filson was once known for their industrial designs built for the working class, and they’ve continued their legacy creating perfect luggage pieces for weekend getaways. Made from twill and 100% genuine bridle leather, the Pullman has a sleek utilitarian look — one large compartment, two brass zip pockets and organizing straps with snap tab are […]

2 Apr
Italian carry-on all you'll ever need to control the intertubes

As we continue further plugging ourselves into the grid, inextricably enfusing more and more with this global consciousness known as the intertubes, we become more and more dependent on constant access to information. We’re either absorbing data from this flowing universe, or we’re contributing data to it. Either way, we’re plugged in more and more […]

19 Feb
Find your luggage with ease

In this new era where nearly every airline charges you to check your luggage, having capable carry-on pieces is essential. Hideo Wakamatsu’s Bean 19 line is a colorful and inexpensive option, its bright hues guaranteeing you won’t have any problems locating your luggage on a crowded carousel. The Bean 19 line features soft, “silent moving” […]