1 Dec
Signal-blocking wrap let's you enjoy the art of conversation

Although once common courtesy to turn off your phone when spending quality time with a friend, it’s clearly not so common anymore. How often are you having lunch with someone nowadays when in the middle of a conversation they’ll just start casually flipping through their phone like you’re not there, suddenly half invested in the […]

It’s a phone walking a dog — cute! In case you can’t tell, the cellphone is crafted to the profile of a human face, with a little nose and sweet googly eyes; check out the images in the gallery below to see it playing with its other accessories — like going fishing, or tying its […]

22 Jun
The Orange Power Wellies thermoelectric charging power

Eco-friendly company Gotwind has teamed up with UK-based company Orange to create an energy efficient way of charging your phone: Power Wellies. Think of it as a rain boot with an electrical outlet, except instead of actually being powered up by an outlet, your phone is charged by converting the temperature of your feet — […]

3 Feb
Convert your iPhone into a telephoto lens

We’ve covered iPhone telephoto lenses before, and this one’s another clean, cheap example. It easily attaches in front of your mobile phone camera — iPhone, Blackberry or any other smart phone — and zooms up to 8x, creating high-quality detailed photos. Available at Urban Outfitters for $30.

16 Nov
Show the world just how much you love chocolate while annoying everyone else in the elevator

Do you love chocolate? Do you use a cell phone? Are you out of your goddamned mind? Then boy does NTT Docomo have something for you — their latest SH-04B series of chocolate-influenced mobile phones. Yumm! Japan’s largest telecommunication network just released this latest line for all the chocolate obsessed weirdos in this world. But […]