26 Oct
Acronym's solution to dying batteries

Society is so reliant on technology, a couple minutes without a mobile phone now seems like an eternity. So what are you supposed to do when you’re out and your cell phone battery is almost dead? Acronym’s 3A-MSOL1 Modular Solar Panel aims to solve all your battery related problems. Connect the cable to the accumulator […]

Did you know that the average cell phone carries over 18 times more bacteria than the flush handle in a typical men’s bathroom? That’s absolutely wretched. Violight is trying to combat all the bacterial festering on our mobile phones by introducing their Violight UV Cellphone Sanitizer. This device uses germicidal UV light to destroy up […]

12 Apr
Diamonds are forever, but time antiquates technology

I know we all love bling and we trust our upper-class to make irrational decisions when it comes to frivolously spending their money, but this is ridiculous. Charging $215,000 for a cellphone seems crazy when you consider that it will fall out of fashion the following year. It’s almost as crazy as buying a diamond […]