6 Jan
Fashion Powerhouses Invade the Breakfast Cereal Aisle

Cereal Couture is self-proclaimed “Glam Foodie” Tricia Clark Stone’s fun creation that re-imagines delicious cereal into luxury brand offerings. With clever titles for her reinvented breakfast cereals such as “Burberry Flakes”, “Cartier Crunch”, “Gucci Loops”, “Coco Chanel” and “Louis Vuitton Charms”, Stone’s creations are girly reflections of her love of food and fashion. Strangely, we […]

As if branding oneself hasn’t already elevated to an absurd level, Brandages may take the vanity cake and smash it. From Chanel to Louis Vuitton, the limited edition disposable bandages are emblazoned with a number of luxury designer’s well-known logos. While the products from Brandages are indeed functional, if you feel the need to cover […]

2 Aug
LIAS checks into the most expensive hotel in the world

In 1993 William Gibson wrote an infamous critique on Singapore in Wired, entitled “Disneyland With the Death Penalty“. 18 years later, chewing gum is still banned, and his portrayal of a sanitized, technocratic, insipidly consumerist culture still has some truth to it. So what would he make of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel? Whether arriving […]

If you’re thinking this Fendi rifle looks familiar you aren’t too far off — resident fashionisto “Bruno” took his very own Chanel RGP to his film premiere last year. Well, considering Sacha Baron Cohen’s use of them, I think its safe to assume these life-threatening accessories are more of an ironic statement on society then […]

19 Jan
Another Japanese tribute to European luxury houses

Speaking of luxury houses and the Japanese, here are some traditional samurai armor pieces embellished with Chanel branding by artist Tetsuya Noguchi. I’m not sure if this is a comment on consumerism, or the artist is simply enamored with all things Chanel, but I have to admit I love the execution.I have a soft spot […]

24 Nov
Thanksgiving motivated us to tip our hats to our western heroes and applaud designers for wrangling in the western spirit

1. Adam Kimmel 2. Chloe 3. D&G 4. Karl 5. Chanel 6. Yiorgos Eleftheriades 7. Doma 8. Nina Peter 9. Matthew Williamson 10.Chloe 11. Erica Weiner 12. Yiorgos Eleftheriades 13.Chloe 14. Topshop 15. ACB As we are trying to humbly ignore cowboy boots making a come-back, we are not afraid of buckling our chaps, knotting […]

15 Oct
Marianne Renoir wraps up the Fashion Week season with the biggest show of all

Paris fashion week for Spring 2010 Ready to Wear saved my sanity. The collections were fresh, inspiring, and didn’t continuously remind beleaguered audiences of the crapper state of the economy (we get it, shit sucks) while not being overly ostentatious. Trends present on this season’s runways include an ode to the 20s and 30s, art […]

24 Sep
Observations of recessions

Thanks to our girl Marianne Renoir, who did her work on time but suffered cos we were late (or rather, Lost). No worries, her upcoming reviews for Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks will run on time! We promise Renoir! Fashion Week in NY the past week was, in my opinion, a bit disappointing. While it’s […]