18 Jul
1,001 parties you wish you would've been at

Awesome People Hanging Out is a blog hosted on Tumblr featuring photographs of awesome people hanging out. Simple, direct and to the point. While anyone can submit and comment on photos, the coolest part of the blog is scoping through photos of people — who are presumably awesome — hanging out with other awesome people, […]

25 Apr
The Curse of Medusa, Californication and big giant tampons

The continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment…(read vol I,  vol II, vol III, vol IV, vol V,  vol VI, vol VII, vol. VIIIvol IX, vol X,  vol XI, vol XII,  vol XIII, vol XIV and vol XV) Back in December I suffered from that she-devil known as “writer’s block.” You’d think — considering the nature of writer’s block and who suffers from it — that […]

Our Canadian friend Patrick King sent this to us. It’s a short poem by the late and great poet, and one of his fellow countrymen, Al Purdy. Purdy never received much traction here in the states, but man was a hero to the folks north of our border. He was pretty much the nation’s “unofficial […]

23 Nov
Live readings from Charles Bukowski back in 1978 in Hamburg, Germany

These are two live readings from Bukowski back in 1978 in Hamburg Germany. I love how the man engages the audience…asking someone at one point, “Haven’t you gone home to your mother yet?…She has a little bottle of milk for you warmed up.” Awesome!  pure Charles Bukowski. [wpaudio url=”http://www.lostinasupermarket.com/robsimas/Bukowski_The_White_Poets.mp3″ text=”Bukowski – The White Poets” dl=”0″] […]

A friend of mine sent me this YouTube clip over the weekend. Haven’t seen the film, but I’m going to rent it for the simple fact that Bukowski has a cameo in a b movie staring a solar-powered van named Vandora that shoots lasers. The van was designed by George Barris, the dude responsible for […]

30 Jul
You got it, relax, forget it, go to sleep

Here’s a short video someone took of Charles Bukowski driving around his old haunts of Hollywood & Western, and talking about all the characters that informed his stories. And life. Hookers, killers, thieves, barflies, the whole lot. Why? Cos it teaches you where humanity is…you never quite wanna forget who they are, where they come […]