1 May
Charlie Meadows plugs the Roadster in for a spin

Hit the Jump to read Charlie Meadow’s Tesla Roadster review, plus the latest Tesla news and photo gallery of the drive. All photos of Tesla Roadster by Robert Kerian

The Mission One is the brainchild of Mission Motors, who claim it the world’s fastest electric production bike. With an estimated range of 150 miles, boasting a top speed of 150 mph, and generating over 100 ft-lbs of torque from point zero (as electric engines offer 100% torque from 0 rpm), the bike’s stats are […]

I would never say women cannot drive. That would be sexy and wrong. I mean, you cannot verify that 100% of these are women, but, ummm, well…most of them clearly are. I hate when stereotypes are reinforced. It is a dark day in YouTubeland for feminists for sure. Danica Patrick, fetch your utility garter belt […]

At LIAS we’re all really feeling the retro motorcycle vibe. I never really got down with the whole West Coast Choppers style of bikes, with ridiculous Fat Boy tires, flame-n-skull adorned paintjobs and huge ape hangers. That shit is kinda sophomoric. An old school Norton, or Triumph? Why yes my good man, I will have […]

Remember as a kid, watching Indie fly around running from crazy Indians, all you wanted was a personal plane to fly around in? Just jump in, fly into the setting sun, and see where in the world adventure would take you? Well, that day may be closer than you think. Thanks to the 2004 Federal […]

I have grown to greatly prefer Bentleys (especially the Continental GT) to anything its limey cousin Rolls Royce seems to put out (I think the Phantom is heinous). Now, Bentley is promising to debut their crown jewel, the Extreme (teased above), at the 79th Annual Geneva Motor Show from March 5-15. According to Bentley’s PR: […]

14 Jan
Let There Be Blood...pt II

Given the gloomy predictions for the autoworld in 2009, I thought Detroit’s NAIAS would be bereft of relevant debuts. Not so. Sure, the atmosphere was restrained and the showroom at times dismally vacant, but there were still plenty of cars to keep it interesting. Fisker unveiled its Sunset, which is a 2-door Karma convertible, yesterday […]

Take a long look at the above photo. It’s GM’s booth at the 2009 NAIAS in Detroit, the most important car show in America. And no, it’s not after-hours. This is mid-show. Yowzers. I haven’t such emptiness since that Heidi Montag wedding (Zing!). Obviously, a very slow year for Detroit. A consultant who used to […]