5 Apr
The world's first zero emissions luxury vehicle

Yesterday we brought you the Worldwide Premier Sneak Peak of the Infiniti LE Concept Luxury Electric Vehicle before its official premier, which happens today at 11:30 am EST. Yesterday was just a quick peek — Nissan and Infiniti Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura simply couldn’t resist the temptation to show off his latest gem, so while talking […]

We had the honor of being personally invited by Infiniti to be part of a year long panel titled the EV Insiders which will follow the development of Infiniti’s much anticipated first-to-the-market luxury EV, titled simply the “LE Concept” (ie “Luxury Electric”). The first event takes place this week in New York during the auto […]

9 Dec
#1 sales rep for No Sleep Til’ Brooklyn mattress cleaners

I’ve meet some pretty interesting people over the years, but I’ve gotta say not too many folks can be compared to Reggieknow. When it comes to creative advertising and marketing, he’s one of the most talented. Remember back in the ‘90s when Sprit came out with that hip-hop campaign and basically kick started the whole […]