The chopper is the one special breed of bike that has come to best embody the legend of freedom on the road that is everything Americana, from Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper’s Easyrider to Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels. In the 288 pages of Gestalten’s hardcover, Chopper: the Real Story traces chopper history back to the early customized bikes at the turn of the 19th century […]

6 Jul
When you’re caught in an outbreak, make sure you’re equipped

“Time to nut up or shut up” is one of the best lines from Zombieland, and Tallahassee — the character from the 2009 movie — had it right when he coined it. When things turn into an all-out battle royal dead person eating fest, it’s survival of the fittest. However, I’d like to think that […]

14 Feb
Velorbis and Lars Leikier's handbuilt stainless steel bike

A bicycle inspired by the timeless 1950’s choppers that icons like Brando and Dean rode in classic films, Velorbis and renowned Danish designer and blacksmith Lars Leikier came together to create this limited edition retro bike. The bicycle is hand-crafted in Denmark with a one of a kind patented steel frame, featuring a simple color […]

Ok, perhaps I’m being a bit cruel — it’s not like all CEOs are crooked, corrupt, greedy self-involved egomaniacs who care more about the bottom line than their own countries, human beings in general, or the world around them. It just seems that way lately. I’d like to see the CEO of BP on the […]

25 Sep
World Class bikes and photography tomorrow night in Costa Mesa, CA

Tomorrow night, Saturday Sept 26, Comune presents Karlson Tea Party at their Cost Mesa headquarters. Select motorcycles chosen for their historic importance and/or design excellence will be on display, as well as photographery by Adam Wright. Wright’s known for using a single lens Leica with no flash to capture all his images, a downright Dogme […]

I’ve always like Eric Bana. Sure he blew in the Hulk, but then again he was pretty great in Chopper and Troy, so he’s cool with me. This movie, however, looks fucking rad. I knew he had this obsession with cars, especially his Ford Falcon XB — otherwise known as the car Mad Max blew […]